Let Us Practice Our Goodness          
Help Others Pursue Their Own 
Let All Goodness Thrive in Unification       
For a Society of Great Harmony
EOG Looks for Material Abundance
Practical Ways to Peaceful Mind and 
Co-Existence and Co-Prosperity of All Beings
Altruism at Core   Let's Us Make a World of Goodness
We Connect Chinese and Western Intelligentsia and 
Business Elites with a Platform of Goodness
for Global Happiness and Peace
Reshape Corporate Values Motivated by Altruism
Reconstruct Business Model by Harmonious Unification
Make a New Business Ecology that Benefits All Parties
A Cross-Border Integration Platform of Goodness 
that Provides Growth Path in a new Era
for Business Transformation and Innovation
      The Center for Goodness Study, China (CGSC) is a cultural carrier operated in the spirit of social enterprise. It is composed of China Center for Goodness Research and Development and Goodness Culture Communication and Development Co., Ltd. CGSC aims to construct a "philosophy of goodness" and carry out its research and practice.

      About CGSC


      In order to promote the study, practice and dissemination of "Goodness" of Eastern and Western cultures, the CGSC (Center for Goodness Study, China) seeks to establish a cross-university, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary research platform, namely “The Global Network for the Studies of Goodness-Shan Culture”.

      Starting from the University of Cambridge, Peking University, and the University of British Columbia, the last of which will act as the network coordinator, no less than twelve top universities around the world will be invited to participate in this network. In addition to the abovementioned three universities, scholars from the following nine universities have expressed interest in joining this unprecedented network: University of Oxford, Harvard University, Princeton University, and Columbia University, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, The University of Tokyo, Tsinghua University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, National Chengchi University.

      The Global Network for the Studies
                of Goodness-Shan Culture

      Chief Advisor

      Senior Advisor (Local)

      Senior Advisor (overseas)

      Special Consultants

      Senior Advisor Team

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